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When we look at Parkway Drive (the frontage road to the west of Highway 99 between Belmont and Olive) There’s so much to see, it’s evident we see poverty, drugs, and prostitution.  But if we give ourselves permission to just look a little deeper, beyond this curtain of sex trafficking and drug-dealing we catch a glimpse of a mind-blowing site.  Uncomfortable it may seem, yes poverty, drug dealing and sex trafficking is in our own backyard; where 50+ children live. This is why I say allowing yourself some permission to look deeper and you will see the children in the middle of this darkness.  These kids face many challenges that no child should ever face. The pressure from gangs, the lure of money from prostitution, the fear of going a day without food and the worst challenge unable to express themselves because who is really listening to them…  It’s amazing how many cars pass-by, and nobody takes the time to look over their shoulder to see what is happening in their own city. -Richard Burrell

‘start children off on the way they should go and when they are old they will not turn
from it’-Proverbs 22:6

Who We Serve

We serve children who live on Parkway Drive, where no child should ever live.  We strive to be positive influence on these precious children, to motivate them to break the cycle of addictions, poverty, prostitution and teenage pregnancy.  We serve our future leaders!

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